Enjoy life every step of the way!

Imagine experiencing life with confidence and serenity, taking advantage of everything your potential has to offer!

LifeCoachStylist starts with the idea that each individual is gifted with inner resources that can be employed freely and that the individual has always the choice over the type of life one lives. We constantly choose whether we want to live a joyful and fulfilled life or we cling on to being miserable. Most of the times the choice is unconscious. But we can reverse it to a conscious decision and be what we really want to be.

 Furthermore, each one of us has his/her own resonance, as in physics:  our individual vibration interacts with other vibrations in every given system. In order to be able to live our resonance, we can learn to listen to our body signals, we can learn to pay attention to the environment and to the others that we come in contact with. When we are in resonance, we are in the flow, we have access to our inner resources, we have the courage to design our life, to follow our heart and our vision, we create balanced relationships and we are successful in our private and professional life.


  Face to face

If you live in Efrat or Jerusalem area, LifeCoach Stylist invites you to come over and have face to face coaching session in a warm and relaxed environment.


If you live in a different region or in a different country, LifeCoachStylist encourages you to start using the technology to make the distance shorter and be there for you.