About me

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney

Ever since I can remember, my dream job had to do with helping people. Before even knowing about coaching I was fascinated by how the human brain functions, how intricate the thinking processes are and how emotions rule behaviors. So I started my journey by studying Psychology (at Bucharest University, Romania). Soon I realised this was not enough, that I needed real tools if I want to make a difference. One of my professors mentioned neuro-linguistic programming and how this method enhances people to make a fuller use of their senses and awareness in order to deal with challenges in a more productive way.

People only use a small amount of their brain function through conscious thinking, but the amount of information a person is dealing with unconsciously in every split second is tremendously higher.  Therefore, gaining access to our unconscious mind could represent a goldmine. As I advanced through the Master and Coach programmes with my NLP studies (at the Kutschera Institut, Austria),  it became clearer and clearer that this is what I want to do with my life – accompany people in their journey towards a better life, full of joy, with positive feelings, help people discover their inner resources  and to apply them to everyday life.


I’ve been working as a coach for the past 10 years and I’ve created and implemented personal developed programmes for children together with partners from Romania and Switzerland. What motivated me to become a life coach are a few years of school psychologist work that I’ve carried through in the beginning of my career. People have enormous inner resources and if a person manages to get in touch with these resources from an early age, learns how to build successful strategies and how to be flexible, to adapt to the fast changing environment already in childhood, that person has higher chances to achieve success as an adult.

It is amazing how people lives change when they achieve their goals, when they have an insight and find the perfect solution to their problem, by simply having access to more of their own resources and knowledge. I am grateful for every opportunity I get to participate in every person’s journey and I learn a lot from every one of them. For me it is a real honour to have the privilege to be there when somebody finds the way towards a more fulfilling life, and when things start flowing naturally.


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