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Imagine experiencing life with confidence and serenity, taking advantage of everything your potential has to offer you!

A life coaching program is a life changing experience. It is a process that assists you in pursuing and achieving goals. Coaching derives from the Hungarian word “kocsi” which designated a carriage meant to transport people from one place to the other. Metaphorically speaking, coaching has become a way of bringing people from a present state to desired state.

Whenever you have a crisis in your life, want to make a change, feel unhappy, deal with a carrier decision, finding your passions or values or just wanting more from your life, this journey is the positive step to make.

It is a space and a time especially for you. Take a moment to return to your inner world and find the resources that you need, creating shortcuts to access them in an easy way every time you will need to. You will have instruments to take with you in your every day life in order to build your own life, create your own destiny.

I will assist you in discovering your potential, your values and beliefs in life, build new strategies, creating new opportunities to achieve your unique path to happiness.

Work Life Balance

Achieving an equilibrium between job primary priorities and private lifestyle is essential for the overall well being of each individual. Whichever the career path you choses, it should not become overwhelming and obstructing your personal life. 

LifeCoachStylist helps you which are the personal elements that are essential for your personal wellbeing, making sure that you have a high performance professionally and resources to enjoy personal life.

Personal crisis

Crisis is a disruptive and unexpected event that threatens to harm the individual. Each crisis can be characterized by three elements: (a) a threat to the individual, (b) the element of surprise, and (c) a short decision time. 

LifeCoachStylist assists you in defining the crisis and finding a personal strategy to overcome it, within the time frame and with your personal resources.

Rediscover femininity

Sometimes between challenges of everyday life and motherhood you just feel you’ve lost the touch of yourself. As life runs faster and faster and the roles one has to slip into are more and more demanding, femininity is sometimes the side that is being put on hold. It is not even a conscientious choice, rather inertia that  women are too tired to fight. 

LifeCoachStylist aims at helping you rediscover the woman within you, and what femininity means to you personally. It is not only about the outside, the part the eye can see, but rather the inner feeling and personal resonance with regard to what means and how it feels to be a woman.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the capability of individuals to recognize emotions, whether their own or of the others, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, manage or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or to achieve one’s goals. It has been proven to be something an individual can learn and improve during a lifetime, rather than a quality people are born with.

Social interactions teach individuals how to behave in order to be successful, but sometimes people fail to learn from it. LifeCoachStylist provides you with tools to shape and improve your emotional intelligence level, such as paying attention to self-expression, modeling, communication strategies, stress management and decision making.

Leadership boost

Leading others is a complex challenge: it implies human interaction, communication, organized action and can only be socially constructed.  While some people are born leaders, others need to work on it, to build on their skills and to learn how to lead. The good thing is that most of the fundamental leadership aspects can be improved and learned through coaching and mentoring.  As part of the job, a leader needs to foresee the future, to anticipate change and to approach change with a proactive attitude. 

LifeCoachStylist can support you in becoming a better leader, by improving key elements of emotional intelligence and by supporting you to develop your personal strategy of decision making even in situations with  limited information at hand. 

Energy Control

Energy control is about how the individual manages the resources in order to have a more productive life, with higher energy levels, regardless of private or professional endeavors. Everybody can improve their energy level dramatically by following a few simple steps every day, regardless of age or profession. 

LifeCoachStylist will assist you in creating your personal energy boost program, so that you can feel energized and fresh in a ecological way, during the whole day.

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