Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is coaching?

Coaching is process in which a professional coach accompanies an individual in a personal or professional endeavour, taking the person from a certain point A to a desired point B, and facilitates the access to inner resources needed for reaching the goal. 

Who can benefit from coaching?

Coaching is meant for every person who is on a quest for personal  inner resources, who is actively looking for a way to  reach a goal on professional or personal level, who wants to improve or change a certain aspect of her/his life, under the guidance of a professional coach.  

What is the age range for coaching?

People can benefit from coaching form an early age, the learnings accompanying the individual for the rest of her/his life. School-aged children can already be guided by coaching, adapted to their level of understanding and to their needs. People can get coached throughout their entire life, since we never stop learning and always need to adapt to a fast moving environment. 

Is coaching suitable for children?

Yes, coaching can be suitable for children, as it can be adapted to all age ranges, starting with entry to school, and sometimes even early on, by sustaining the natural development of each child. 

How often should I come to coaching?

The frequency will be individually agreed upon by both client and coach, most often a weekly meeting being enough. In crisis, an emergency meeting can be set up.